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Lamed https://gnosticteachings.org/courses/alphabet-of-kabbalah/739-lamed.html

This Hebrew word Lamed means “to learn.” But this learning is not merely intellectual; it begins with the intellect because we have to acquire information through our senses, brain, nervous system, but the knowledge we acquire through the intellect is very shallow. We need to go deeper than that. If we want to revolutionize our life, if we want to leave this level of suffering that we are in now, we need to revolutionize our mind. That is not done with the intellect. Ideas and theories are just that: ideas and theories. They cannot change anything. Change comes through the heart. The “heart” is spelled לב LamedBeth in Hebrew. Lamed can represent the heart.

When you comprehend in your heart, the intellect relaxes. What we need is for our intellect to become emotional and for our heart to become cognitive. We are not like that. Most of us, especially in the Northern hemisphere, are extremely intellectual, and very cold emotionally. This has to change, because Gnosis, religion, is not achieved through the intellect. That is impossible. The intellect only plays games with concepts. You cannot reach God through a concept. God is beyond concept. Far, far beyond ideas. The living, vibrating realities of the Buddha are far beyond any idea you can have about the Buddha. Life is a living, vibrating reality, which we feel and taste physically, but life is beyond the physical world. There is life in the fourth dimension, in the fifth, in the sixth dimension, and even in the seventh, but we do not see it. We have ideas about it, but we cannot get there through our ideas.


Your heart and mind have to be in balance with each other. Have you ever looked at “The Book of the Dead” amongst the Egyptians? You will see when the scribe Ani approaches the court of Maat (truth-justice), the judge Anubis weighs his heart and his mind on a great scale in order to see if he has equilibrium. His heart and mind are represented by a jar and a feather. The jar is the heart. The feather is the mind. If they are out of balance with each other, he cannot enter heaven. Who among us has our heart and mind in balance? Who among us has a heart and mind pure, faultless, without sin, and can state the Negative Confession? The Negative Confession is when the initiate stands before the court of God, in the face of all the divinities, and states, “I have not killed, I have not lied, I have not fornicated, I have not stolen, I have not envied…” There are 42 confessions. And, they must all be true, because the judges are gods, Buddhas; you cannot lie to them. They know you. Moreover, your own Being is there. Your own Divine Mother is there. How can you lie to them?

It is interesting to note that in Hebrew mind is spelled exactly like heart, but with another letter Beth. לבב LamedBethBeth is mind. This shows how closely related they are. We need heart and mind in balance. In fact, in Tantric Buddhism, heart and mind are considered the same thing (chitta)

This is the essence of the Buddhas teaching, the essence of the teaching of Mohammed, Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, Moses… Control your mind. Why? Because through your mind comes reality. We are what we are because of the mind. If you want to be something other than what you are now, control your mind. But not with evil will. Control your mind through the grace of God.

Lamed represents how Osiris, Christ, descends into your heart. That is also this shape: Osiris coming into your heart to live there, to inhabit you. So, you see, Lamed has this back-and-forth significance. The relationship between us and God, which is not in the mind. It is in the heart.

We no longer try to conquer the mind, because we gave up. It is hard. And we have a lot of excuses. The problem is that we did not rely on God, Osiris, the Buddha. We tried to do it ourselves, through the mind.

When you seek knowledge about religion, your heart looks to your intellect. Your heart asks, “What do I do with these feelings that I have? This longing that I have?” Then we go out and we look for guidance, using our intellect to analyze books, teachings, etc. This is “Lamed,” to learn. Our heart reaches towards the brain.




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