About the 8 Foot Path

The 8 Foot Path is for the seeker of depth knowledge who struggles to apply what they learn into their interactions with the world. We help the intellect find tangible practices to be peace, live their wisdom, and make positive change.

Why Action?

Ideas are fun! We have the world at our fingertips on the internet, and can get the best-of with the click of a finger, without having to read an entire book, or leave the house. How powerful that is. But an idea is not very fulfilling. It is undigested information, limited to the intellectual realm.

Author and public speaker J. Krishnamurti is quoted on Buddha Net to have said that people can avoid action by spending all our time on ideas:

There cannot be a world of transformation, a revolution, as long as action is based on ideas; because action then is merely reaction; therefore ideas become much more important than action, and that is precisely what is taking place in the world, isn’t it? To act, we must discover the impediments that prevent action. But most of us don’t want to act – that is our difficulty. We prefer to discuss, we prefer to substitute one ideology for another, and so we escape from action through ideology.

If we want to make real progress in our lives on an individual or societal level, we need to experience for ourselves what it is we are trying to embody.




Experiential Wisdom

When we can experience on the immediate physical/ cellular level what it is we are trying to know, wisdom moves from our minds to our hearts. In Sanskrit the word for mind is heart. It is similar to those “ah ha” moments, when suddenly your entire organism understand what it thought it knew before.

The Buddha’s 8 Fold Path

The Buddha’s 8 Fold Noble Path was chosen as a structure for the practices and tools offered on this site. It is a way to help keep in each person’s peripheral awareness that there is always a greater picture within which a learning takes place.

This is after all a path.

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